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Waldana is more than a travel enthusiast, she is a professional traveler. After her Bachelors in Tourism & Hospitality, she moved to San Francisco to study Digital Media at the School of Journalism at UC Berkeley where she turned her passion into a blog with 6M+ views. She is certified by Visit California and San Francisco Travel to write about the state of California, is a Tourism Ambassador in the USA and her strength is communication. If you sit by her side, it's very likely you will have a good conversation. The girl is stoppable, according to Kayak, she traveled 21.6x around the Planet Earth. She is one of the 10% top contributors at TripAdvisor and has written more than 600 articles on her blog @acontecenovale. In addition, she is the main author of most posts you will read on this page. Wal, also has a Bachelor's Degree in Foreign Trade, a few years of experience and an MBA in the E-commerce industry and her friends used to say she can sell anything. If you are interested in partnering with us, you probably will negotiate with her. 😉

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With over 10 years of experience as a programmer, Luiz is the person behind the machine making Travel Behind The Lens works properly. Each button or new follower is closely monitored by him who is always attentive to the KPIs. Luiz loves cinematography and in his spare time it is very likely he is taking a new filmmaking or color grading course. Most of the beautiful photos on our blog and on social media channels were edited by him. When he is not on the computer, he probably will be testing a new accessory or traveling somewhere new. Luiz has visited 30 countries and tasted the craft beer from each of them. If you want to have a good conversation with him, try talking about snowboarding in Zermatt or hiking in Nepal, which are places that are either on his memory or in his bucket list.



Helinton is our designer. Whenever we feel our projects are not 100%, we ask for his support and things return magically with style. He knows like no one else to give the special touch that makes the viewer's eye shine, whether by combining colors or taking care of the details. From our logo, to the videos on our YouTube channel, everything that requires creativity goes through his hands. London and Vegas are some of Helinton's favorite cities, he always comes back brainstorming exciting new projects from his trips. From editing a photo to helping other professionals to make money with their artistic skills, more than 35,000 students have taken advantage of his courses, which are available in multiple distance learning platforms around the globe. You can check out more about his work on his YouTube channel @carambecks and, of course, here on Travel Behind the Lens.

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