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7 savvy ways to get airport lounge access

How do you spend your time at the airport? Are you paying for expensive meals while twisting in uncomfortable seats? Not anymore! Airport lounges are no longer reserved for first-class or business travelers. If you know how the system works, lounges are accessible to everyone. Here are 7 savvy ways to get airport lounge access. 

1. Choose a great credit card

Many credit cards offer worldwide access for their clients. Centurion Lounges from Amex are often considered the best ones, Capital One also opened its first Capital One Lounge, a modern space full of unique amenities that are intentionally designed to provide relaxation to its clients with premium food and beverage experience.

2. Buy a lounge membership

If you travel both domestically and internationally on varied airlines, lounge membership is available at the click of a button or tap of a finger. The world’s largest independent airport lounge access program is the Priority Pass, which has access to 1000+ worldwide lounges. Priority Pass membership is offered by many credit cards or hotel loyalty programs and you can buy memberships including 3, 10 or unlimited visits. Almost every terminal has a lounge or a partner where you can take advantage of your pass.

Centurion Lounges from Amex
Priority Pass Lounge in Punta Cana

3. Attain elite status on an airline

If you’re a traveler who often flies to the same destination or with the same airline, join their loyalty program. It is free to join and most of the time lounge perks are offered to those who have miles and reach a certain level in the programs. American Airlines Admiral Club is an example, in addition to the Admiral club, VIP guests can use their FlagShip Lounges, which is much more exclusive.

4. Buy an airline lounge membership

 If it’s hard to get miles, one alternative is to purchase an Airline Lounge Membership program. It might cost around $300 annually, but some of them give you access to alliance or partner clubs, which give you access to several lounges. Star Alliance or Oneworld are great options if you are often traveling internationally.

Some popular memberships you can buy for international flights are:

For mobile you can also check Priority Pass app or Loungebuddy app .

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Admirals Club Lounge
Capital One Lounge

5. Buy a day pass

No credit card, no miles, no loyalty programs, no problem! Many airlines allow day pass purchases for lounge access (ranging from $45-$75). It’s a little bit more than a meal and you can have unlimited food, drinks, a place to take shower or sleep, great wi-fi and a quieter spot to get your work done. If you’re willing to pay the day rate, Etihad, Emirates are some of the top lounges. One of the most affordable is the which offers day passes to worldwide lounges with options starting at $15.

6. Pay for a public lounge

Public Lounges are those not affiliated with airlines and it’s always a good idea to check the reviews and the benefits provided to make sure it’s worth paying the day rate, but yes, they exist! Airspace Lounge, The Club Airport Lounges and Plaza Premium (international) provide private access for a fee.

7. Get access from a friend

Perhaps you’re traveling with a friend who has lounge access? Several programs allow the membership holders plus up to 2 guests to join the lounges. If you are not traveling with a friend or willing to convince a stranger to bring you in as a guest, websites like Flyertalk have ‘Coupon Connection’ where you can try a lounge pass for someone else.

If you have any other lounge recommendations, let us know in the comments.

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