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Couple swimming in the Luminous Lagoon in Jamaica

Swimming in a luminous lagoon in Jamaica

There are only a few places in the world where you can swim in a glow-in-the-dark lagoon, and Jamaica is one of them. The lights come from microorganisms called dinoflagellates, which live in areas where saltwater and freshwater meet and the water temperature is warm. In Jamaica Martha Brae River meets the Caribbean Sea resulting in this breathtaking phenomenon. Join us in this adventure in the luminous lagoon.

Luminous lagoon in Jamaica

Luminous Lagoon in Jamaica
Luminous Lagoon in Jamaica
Luminous Lagoon in Jamaica

Night tour to the luminous lagoon in Montego Bay

The 45-minute tour departs every night from the Glistening Waters Marina, where boats take visitors on a ride around the lagoon. As soon as you arrive in the best spot to see the phenomenon, you can jump out and swim to see your body surrounded by the bio-luminescent light. 

Being home to millions of dinoflagellates. Every night, these microscopic organisms produce an eerie glow, reflecting the outlines of fish and other objects in the water, including you! The lagoon sparkles and glistens when you move. Unfortunately, it’s hard to get the color with simple cameras, so a professional photographer follows the group and you buy the best memories of this magical moment later while enjoying a cocktail at the Glistening Waters Restaurant.

Free transportation is included for groups of 6 or more from Montego Bay and Runaway Bay area hotels.

According to them, the Luminous Lagoon in Jamaica is the largest and most brilliant of four lagoons of this kind in the world, a fact that continually attracts visitors and scientists from around the world.

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