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10 Travel hacks to facilite your trip

Travel hacking can make your trips less stressful and much more fun. Here are 10 travel hacks to make your next trip a whole lot easier.

10 Travel Hacks to facilite your trips

1. Remember about the Travel Notice

Remember to call your credit card company before your trip. Most credit card companies decline the transactions out of your profile to prevent suspicious activity. Call them to ensure you have your credit card authorized on your next destination. 

2. Have a copy of your documents

Scan your passport, visa, driver license, identification card and all important documents. In the event of loss or theft, a copy of your documents in a Google Drive or even on the email can save your life! In addition, you can share a copy with someone you trust in case of emergency. 

3. Bring your own water bottle

Having your own water bottle allows you to drink water when you want it for free. As you may know liquids are not allowed on security points, make sure the bottle is empty when you arrive at the airport and full before you enter the airplane. Most airports have filters where you can refill your bottle. 

4. Don’t forget to put a pen on your purse

Most countries require passengers to fill customs forms. Don’t forget to bring yours and put it in a place easy to access inside of the airplane, such as your purse or pocket. Thus, you don’t need to borrow one. Airflight attendants barely have them.

Not all who wander are lost.

– J. J. R. Tolkien.

5. Have all your reservations handy

Ensure that you have all your reservations handy. I enjoy using Kayak where I can send a copy of my reservations. In this case, if the airline or the hotel are not able to find my name, I can access the confirmation number very easily on my travel itinerary through the app. The same is valid if you need the address to give to the taxi driver or to add on Google Maps.

6. Keep a packing checklist on your phone

How many times do you forget something? In order to avoid leaving your stuff behind, you can have a list on your phone and check the items before your next destination. This was very useful for us to avoid leaving batteries and charges at the hotels. We take note of all equipment before packing and make sure the list is checked before returning home.

7. Always have a back-up power source

Charge an external battery before your trip, and have it with you on the plane in case the seats don’t have outlets or on the street if you plan to use your cellphone often. You can also turn on the airplane mode on your phone to extend the battery charge.

8. Take a picture of your parking

When driving, if you’re leaving your car in a parking lot, always take a photo of the numbers and colors where you parked. This will save you a lot of time when you return, you can also drop a pin on the location of your car on your phone. My husband always thanks me for that.

9. Check and invest in a universal adapter

If you’re going to travel to a new country, make sure to purchase the correct adapter and bring it with you. The price is always low and it will be crucial for your trip.

10. Organize your “travel necessary”

Organization is your best friend when traveling. Get a travel organizer to carry all the little things together, without getting things lost at the bottom of your bag. This is valid for snacks and a charger inside your car or headphones and Ipads on flights. Holding your personal belongings is a great way to stay organized while you’re on the go. 

Do you have another suggestion? Let us know in the comments.

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